Fars Studio Co., Ltd.

Interior architectural and architectural design firm, established in 2009


Once from work-hard  architecture students became to be the freelance architect team and finally became to be a professional interior architectural and architectural design firm.


In 2003, Our company’s founders performed a team with talented architecture students from Faculty of Architecture, Chulalongkorn University to spent times to design interior architecture and architecture with abilities for creating individual ideas and unique techniques that suited for the project. 


Fars Studio achieved a well-known team from winning the competition known as " Chao Phraya Memorial Competition" by The Association of Siamese Architects under the Royal Patronage of His Majesty the King and Nakhonsawan Municipality in 2009 and began running a company.


Now, Fars Studio Co., Ltd. leading by Mr. Kraipop Tohtubtiang and Mr. Pirun Sittivitchaporn, our company has been continuously with many successes by young active architects and experienced colleagues to provide projects which be different sizes, type of buildings and budgets with high qualities. As a professional in this field, a piece of design with originality does not only fulfill a client’s necessity and demand, but also has a chance to expose globally. Therefore, we constantly research and analyze to come up with an idea beyond the boundary of our knowledge to install uniqueness to our design out of cultural, site context, environmental, economic, local construction technology as well as client’s needs, in both physical and aesthetic terms. Moreover, the relation between interior architecture and architecture is included into design as well. 


Our company consists of many expert architects and designers with worldwide experiences, whom had been undertook and participated in the various kind of projects, 50 sq.m. to 10,000 sq.m. and in many countries such as Vietnam, Singapore, China, Japan and India.


In addition, Fars Studio Co., Ltd. has networking and friends in related fields to associate design, service and provide works in every kind of requests. We pool all it has to create results  that has a high qualities to satisfy customers  so, hopefully, a chance might come across for it to propose projects to enrich this field afterwards. 


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